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ISpA VedCOMSPOC Deep Tech Seminar

December 1st, 2023


United Services Institute of India (USI), New Delhi

COMSPOC’s VP and GM, Mike Wasson, is a featured speaker at the ISpA VedCOMSPOC Deep Tech Seminar in India this week. Mike will discuss the importance of SSA and STM commercial tools and services available to support India’s expanding space presence including predictive analytics, data fusion, other readily-available technologies, and the importance of defending the space domain for improved safety and sustainability.

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Meteoric rise in India's space stature necessitates a robust legal structure: Senjuti Mallick

By: Bar & Bench


Published on : November 24, 2023

Find out more from COMSPOC's Senjuti Mallick about why it's important for India -- and all space-faring countries -- to adopt a meaningful legal framework to successfully operate in today's new space environment.

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